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Water Quality

01Building water systems can harbour Legionella bacteria which can lead to outbreaks of Legionnaires disease. This has led to the introduction of legislation under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requiring Building Managers and Operators to assess the risk, implement control measures and ensure that management and record keeping functions are adequate and up to date. In accordance with the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, “The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems” (L8), regular inspection and monitoring is required and the results must be recorded. Procedures must be continually reviewed in order to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained.
We can offer comprehensive surveys and set up management programmes to prevent potential health risks arising, to ensure that high standards are maintained and that legal requirements are met by providing the following services:

Control of Legionellosis

  • Surveys and risk assessment of building water systems for Legionella control
  • Specialist advice for cooling towers, swimming pools, spas and process water systems
  • Preparation of electronic logbook systems
  • Schematic system layouts
  • Ongoing monitoring, audit and record keeping
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Ongoing water hygiene monitoring
  • Training
  • Independent advice on system design and hygiene control including water treatment options
  • Pseudomonas risk assessment and sampling